Stories by EJS Creations:

The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom- A story about a woman and her flamingo fiancé.

This is the story of an eccentric (and somewhat naive) girl, Emma Evans, and her unusual and mysterious fiance, Chester K. Fingkelbottom, who happens to be a giant pink flamingo. TAoCKF chronicles their odd adventures together and explores what it means to be in love. Emma’s life is tickled pink… but how long can it last?

Dream Easy- Where dreams become reality, and love is the key to death.

When Moshi encounters a strange white-haired woman named Yurei, his life is turned upside-down. Yurei claims to be something called a DreamEater, who feeds off the manifested dreams of humans to survive. She forces her way into Moshi’s home and life, telling him he’s the key to what she wants... but what are her true desires?

Pandora’s Box- A search for the key to lock away evil.

Long after Earth’s worst disaster in history, a small group of survivors make their way to Reno, Nevada, where either hope or despair awaits them. Along the way, they encounter dangerous otherworldly creatures called The Purge, and pick up a mysterious girl who may be the key to either the destruction of the world or the savior of humanity.

RavenCrest- A girl rescues a bird only to find he is the “Bird King.”

A young woman finds a bird struggling to free itself from a string stuck in a tree. The day after she saves it, a strange man appears to her, claiming to be the bird that she saved. He continues to tell her he is the Bird King, and bestows his royal Crest upon her. However, there are others who desire the Crest, and soon the girl finds herself in the midst of an ongoing battle for possession of the Crest. Why are they so desperate to get the Crest, and what power does it really hold?

See You In The Rain- A true story of love and loss.

Jani and Pythagoras’ friendship is growing day by day. They spend almost all their time together and get along better than any of their group of friends. Jani begins to develop feelings for Pythagoras, but there is one problem: Pythagoras already has a girlfriend. What happens when you can’t have the one you love?

StitchCraft!- A battle of Seamstresses and Tailors.

Aida (aka Seamstress) is out for revenge for her mother’s death, and must fend off Seamstresses and Tailors bent on world domination. Using the powers of StitchCraft, and with the help of her sidekick Patches, Aida faces off against villains and dangers to obtain the pin that belonged to her mother, and will give her the title of Grand Seamstress.